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Fresno County Workers Compensation: What is it?

In the state of California, it requires all business types to insure their employees with workers compensation coverage. This type of policy protects workers and provides them with full benefits if or when an accident takes place in the workplace that will lead to an injury. It is highly important that a business owns a type of workers comp policy, in order to avoid California state penalties that could lead to problems and financial issues within the business and the employer. Protect your workers today and your business with workers compensation in Fresno County.

The Benefits of Workers Comp in Fresno County, California

Workers Compensation provides multiple types of benefits that cover both employees and employers.

Top Employee Workers Compensation Coverage:

  • All Medical Bill Paid: Workers Comp Policy provides finances in all hospital costs such as: Doctor visits, emergency room and other types of expenses.
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation Treatment: Major injuries or illnesses can take place in the workplace and can take a while to recover and potentially have to go through rehabilitation. Workers Comp insurance provides financial support towards your treatment, surgeries, seeing a specialist, etc.
  • Partial Wages Pay: After an injury/illness caused in the workplace, state laws requires employers to provide coverage on missed wages.
  • Funeral and Death Benefits: If an accident at work takes place and has led to an employee’s death, workers compensation insurance provides coverage for funds, funeral expenses, and provide finances to the employees spouse and/or children.

Top Employer Workers Comp Insurance Coverage:

Avoid California State Penalties:

  • Fines at a starting cost of $10,000 and /or 1 year at a county jail
  • Penalties at most of $100,000 to Business Owners
  • Evade Employee Lawsuits
  • void the Risk of Entering a Financial Crisis

Workman's Comp Insurance in the Top Cities of Fresno County:

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