California Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Employer and the Employee if the Employee gets injured during their work.
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Penalties for not having Workers Compensation Insurance in California


Workers Compensation in the State of California is very crucial and critical for a business to have. Whether you’re business is in the construction, manufacturing, or even retail industry, workers comp coverage is considered to be very beneficial not only to your business’ liability but to your employees. We offer workers comp throughout the state of California, whether if you live nearby the bay area in San Francisco, towards the capital of California in Sacramento, then to popular cities of Los Angeles or even towards the scenic waters in San Diego, we are very flexible in working and providing you the best possible workers comp insurance for your business.
Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Coverage


  • Medical Expenses (doctor visits, x-rays, emergency transports, surgeries)

  • Rehabilitation/Recovery Costs

  • Cover Missed Wages Due to Injury Caused in the Workplace

  • Funeral Expenses: Death benefits such as providing expenses of funeral and compensating family through financial payments with spouse and/or children.


  • Protects against claims and lawsuits filed by injured workers

  • Fulfill Requirements of California State laws on workers compensation

  • Bankruptcy: Business owners can lose a huge amount of finances by not insuring their companies with workers comp due to penalizing state laws.
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The perks of having workers compensation for businesses and workers is that in an event a worker does get injured at work, workers comp provides coverage towards the injured employee. As a worker, you will receive full benefits of worker’s comp by getting all medical bills paid and receive compensation after missing time off of work. The health of the worker is our first priority.

What if Your Business Doesn’t Offer Workers Comp Insurance in California?

When employers do not have workers comp insurance, they will be held liable for the payment of injuries of a worker hurt in their workplace. Without having this coverage, this puts employers and businesses at risk of fraud and expensive penalties.
Employers may face the following:

  • Penalty fee of $10,000

  • Criminal offense and serve up to one year imprisonment in county jail

  • State penalties up to $ 100,000 for uninsured business owners

These penalties are a serious matter, be sure to conform to Workers’ Compensation laws.
California State Law on Workers Compensation

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