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The Meaning behind Workers Compensation Insurance in Contra Costa County

In the state of California, a business is required by law to own workers compensation insurance, whether if your business provides medical, contracting or retail service, the employer must provide workers comp to all workers. Safety should be the first word to come in mind when thinking about workmans compensation, this type of insurance provides benefits to workers if and when an accident occurs in the area of the workplace. Workers Compensation coverage can include: medical benefits, recover partial of missed wages, and death benefits.

Why Do I Need Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Insurance is a unique type of policy where it is legally required for a business to own workers comp insurance. Although this policy can be an expense towards employers, it is better to protect and offer coverage to your workers and avoid lawsuits from the state of California and your employees rather than to enter bankruptcy or a financial crisis.

How Will My Workers and My Business Benefit From Workers Comp?

Workers Compensation Insurance Benefits Includes:

  • Hospital Bills –surgeries, doctor visits, medicine, etc

  • Rehabilitation and Continuous Treatment

  • Missed Wages Coverage

  • Death Benefits and Funeral Costs


 Employers & Business Owners Benefits Includes:

  • Lawsuits from Your Employees

  • Avoid Entering a Financial Crisis

  • Complete Fulfillment of California State Laws on Workers Compensation

Workman’s Comp Insurance in Santa Clara County:


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